Not one Fixed Index Annuity owner has ever lost their principal or profits from market volatility or insurance company failure. Not one time, not one dime!

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  • Goverment Accountability Office
    Retirement Income: Ensuring Income Throughout Retirement Requires Difficult Choices (PDF Format)

    As the life expectancy of U.S. residents continues to increase, the risk that retirees will outlive assets is a growing challenge. Today, a husband and wife both age 65 have approximately a 47 percent chance that at least one of the will live to his or her 90th birthday and a 20 percent chance of living to his or her 95th birthday.

  • Robert Powell, Retirement Columnist
    Retirees Should Have More Annuities, Fewer Stocks

    Retirees should invest just 5% to 25% of their portfolios in stocks, or at least that's the case for those whose primary goal is to minimize the risk of running out of money and sustaining their withdrawals, said one report published by Putnam Investments new think tank.

  • Karlan Tucker - Author
    The Power and Protection of an Indexed Annuity (PDF Format)

    For years, if Americans wanted opportunity, they would put their savings in the stock market. If they wanted safety, they used bank CDs or government bonds. The problem was you could have money positioned for opportunity or safety, but not both on the same dollar at the
    same time.

  • Index Compendium
    Special Annuity Reporting Series - Report #1

    A close look at Kimberly Lankford's 2010 Kiplinger's Finance Magazine annuity article and what it meant for you 10 years ago.

  • Index Compendium
    Special Annuity Reporting Series - Report #2

    Index annuities are purchased by consumers that don't want to read the paper each day to see if they're winners or losers, because with index annuities they know they are never losers.

  • Index Compendium
    Special Annuity Reporting Series - Report #3

    Examine the facts on index annuities competitive performance in times of both high and low interest, and rising and falling stock markets.

  • FOX News
    Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the United States
    Federal Reserve, Holds Annuities

    The chairman's financial disclosure form, released Tuesday, showed that Bernanke is a millionaire, with holdings last year in no-frills investments, including U.S. Treasury securities, mutual funds and annuities.

  • Tom Cochrane - Annuity Digest
    An Interview with Wharton Professor David Babbel - Part 1

    Our findings regarding actual products show that since their inception in 1995, they have performed quite well - in fact, some have performed better than many alternative investment classes (corporate and government bonds, equity funds, money markets) in any combination.

  • Tom Cochrane - Annuity Digest
    An Interview with Wharton Professor David Babbel - Part 2

    What surprised me was that the returns outperformed the alternatives over the lifetime of their existence (since 1995) for every year that they have been issued.

  • Wharton Financial Institutions Center
    Explore the world of fixed indexed annuity returns based upon actual contracts sold and actual interest credited. (PDF Format)

    The first empirical exploration of fixed indexed annuity returns based upon actual contracts that were sold and actual interest that was credited.

  • University of Pennsylvania Scholarly Commons
    Pension Payouts in Chile: Past, Present & Future Prospects

    Review recent developments in the payout market for Chilean pensions, mainly annuities, and discover what makes the payout market in Chile so different from other nations.

  • The New York Times
    The Unloved Annuity Gets a Hug From Obama

    The administration is open to other solutions, though there are not many others that are as simple as the basic fixed immediate annuity (also known as a single premium immediate annuity) that delivers a regular check for life.

  • Bloomberg Businessweek
    Retiree Annuities May be Promoted by Obama Aides

    Annuities generally guarantee income until the retiree's death, and often that of a surviving spouse as well. They are designed to protect against the risk that retirees outlive their savings, a danger made clear by market losses suffered by older Americans over the last year

  • T. Rowe Price
    Dismal Decade Offers Cautionary Lessons for Retirees

    Retirees should have a sound financial strategy for sustaining their income throughout retirement. But as the last decade has shown, the stock market is capable of upending even the best-laid plans.

  • Insurance News Net
    Immediate Gratification: New Studies Show That Immediate Annuities Add Both Income And Stability To A Retirement Portfolio.

    Annuities may get more negative press than any other financial product. To hear the critics, they're overpriced and unfair to buyers.

  • Karen Hube - Barron's Cover
    Best Annuities

    Special Report -- Retirement: With their steady income payments, annuities are suddenly hot.

  • Margaret Collins - Bloomberg
    Retirees may have to delay Social Security benefits and buy an annuity to have enough money for retirement, said a U.S. government study.

    Retirees may have to delay Social Security benefits and buy an annuity to have enough money for retirement, said a U.S. government study.

  • GAO
    RETIREMENT INCOME: Ensuring Income throughout Retirement Requires Difficult Choices

    Financial experts GAO interviewed typically recommended that retirees systematically draw down their savings and convert a portion of their savings into an income annuity to cover necessary expenses, or opt for the annuity provided by an employer-sponsored DB pension instead of a lump sum withdrawal.

  • Putnam Investments
    Retirement Optimal Asset Allocation

    Once an individual has retired, asset allocation becomes a critical investment decision. Unfortunately, there is no consensus on what the optimal allocation should be for retirees of varying age, gender, and risk tolerance.

  • MetLife
    Retirement Income

    When would you rather lose money? That question might sound odd, since a casual reader’s reaction is likely to be “never.” But the fact is that when you are investing in the stock market over long periods of time, experiencing a bear market (down market) is an inevitable fact of financial life.

  • Senior Market Advisor
    One vs. 114 complaints

    My annual study on index annuity complaints shows on a sales volume adjusted-basis, annuity complaints have fallen 75 percent since 2007.

  • Market Watch
    Retirees need fewer stocks, more annuities

    Fewer stocks, more annuities. That, in essence, is the advice gleaned from two just-published reports for the benefit of those living in or approaching retirement.

  • CNBC
    CEO Blog: It’s Time to Stop One-Sided Retirement Planning

    Americans have lost more than $2 trillion in retirement savings in the last three and a half years. A recent AP poll says 42% of Baby Boomers surveyed said they’d delayed retirement due to lost money in their retirement plans, personal investments or real estate during the recent economic meltdown.

  • Bloomberg
    Fixed Indexed Annuities and the Small Business Owner

    Many business owners rely on the success of their business as their sole source of income and retirement savings. Normally, financial advisers recommend diversifying portfolios among stocks and bonds.

  • American Equity
    The "REAL BENEFITS" of Indexed Annuities with the Annual Reset Design

    A history of American Equity's Index-5

  • Wall Street Journal
    Making the Case to Buy an Annuity

    Retirees may get more financial security by combining insurance products and mutual funds, some analysts say

  • Smart Money
    Retirees Should Have More Annuities, Fewer Stocks

    Equities should be no more than 25% of your portfolio, says Robert Powell.

    Kiplinger KO'd

    In the September 2010 issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine Kimberly Lankford wrote an article titled “An annuity you really should avoid” concluding “you get a lot less than investors in the actual index would receive because of caps on returns and other limitations.” However, she conveniently overlooks what happened if you had followed her advice a decade earlier.

    Burns Baffled

    Back in the fall of 1996, when index annuities were young, a reader asked financial pundit Scott Burns his opinion. The reader said the annuity he was considering had a 7 year term and a design that used the highest anniversary index value as the end point, calculated the total return over 7 years, and then deducted 2.5% from the annualized return, giving the annuityowner the rest.

    Cruz Control

    The first index annuity was purchased in February 1995. It only took until October for Humberto Cruz to begin bashing them.

    Misleading MONEY Magazine Math

    When Lisa Gibbs, the author of “The Safety Trap” article called me in May 2010 her very first comment was “your complaint numbers are wrong because the NAIC complaint numbers are wrong and actual complaints are much higher”. And it was that tone that resulted in the stridently biased antiannuity Money magazine article that appeared in January 2011.

  • Yahoo Finance
    4 Percent Withdrawal Rate May Be Too High for Today's Retirees

    A recent paper has called into question the generally accepted rule that four percent is the amount you can safely withdraw from IRAs, 401(k) accounts, and retirement savings to generate reliable, lifetime retirement income.

  • Forbes
    Reducing Regulatory Obstacles to Retirement Income Security

    With nearly 80 million baby boomers starting their march into retirement, many policy-makers have begun to focus on how to provide secure retirement income in a fiscally sustainable way. This is no small challenge in an era of enormous deficits.

  • Barron's Cover
    Top 50 Annuities

    Americans are eager to lock in steady retirement income. We pick the best annuities from a dizzying array of choices.

  • Bloomberg
    Mark Iwry: Bringing Annuties To 401(k)s

    Over the past generation, the U.S. retirement system has moved away from offering traditional pensions.

  • CNN Money
    Obama's latest retirement rescue plan: Annuities

    The Obama administration proposed new rules Thursday to help retirees make their savings last throughout their lifetime -- by investing in annuities.

  • Business Insider

    If you're an individual with some money to invest, the first thing you need to know if you want to invest intelligently is that you shouldn't play the Losers' Game.